dahab market

Great buys are the usual Egyptian suspects; water pipes, rugs, oriental lamps, shirts in different lengths with embroidery, backgammon games, silver jewellery, etc. Prices are geared for tourists, so haggling is a must. Pay 50-60% of the first price offered, anything else is a rip-off. If you are not sure about the price, go to the next shop, they all offer more or less the same stuff, and start bargaining again there.


Look out for Bedouin handcrafts, some beautiful pieces are available. Hand embroidered and made in Dahab, Saint Catherine and El Arish by Bedouin women. Sheikh Salem House has a good selection of items as does some of the other Bedouin establishments in Dahab.


If your stay extends with or without intention, your shopping behaviour will focus on the Ghazala Market where you can find anything you need to update your “on-the-road” equipment from functionality to convenience. For local fares and much cheaper fruit and veg, go to the Assalah shopping area. It is almost impossible to get rolling tobacco in Dahab, be prepared if you are not keen on factory made ones.



The Dahab Community Market is a weekly event for everyone. It is held every Friday afternoon at the Sheikh Salem House in the Eel Garden Area.


The market starts at 3PM and finishes between 7 - 8PM. There are different vendors every week and regular wares include hand made Bedouin and Egyptian crafts, jewelry, clothes, second hand bargains and food from around the world — including home made Egyptian Food, delicious cakes and deserts